Can I Connect My CRM to My Website?

Our WordPress websites, via our form plugin, connect with most of the popular CRMs. Learn more about whether or not yours is supported and/or what your best options are to get yours connected.

If you're using, or planning on using, a contact relationship management (CRM) tool with your website, then there's a very good chance that there's an existing integration that will allow it to be connected to your WordPress website.

Some of the most popular CRM options have existing integrations, or "add-ons", that can be used seamlessly with WordPress (specifically with Gravity Forms, which is the form plugin we use on our WordPress websites). Some of these include:

  • HubSpot
  • Agile
  • Zoho
  • Capsule
  • Salesforce

The way that these integrations work is that we use an API key from your CRM to connect your site's forms (e.g. Contact Us) via a Gravity Form Add-On. 

If there is not an existing add-on for your CRM, then the integration will most likely require some type of middleman service, like Zapier, to help your website talk to your CRM and vice versa.

If you're unsure if your CRM is compatible or if you need a recommendation for a CRM, then please let us know by emailing Our team will setup a call with you to discuss how you are using, or planning on using, your CRM and what the best integration method is for your situation.