Do I Have a Set Contract with imFORZA?

Unless your original agreement with us states that your services are to adhere to an agreed upon contract, then all of our services are month to month.

No one likes being locked into something, especially not indefinitely. Too many things change in our lives (e.g. a global pandemic that forces businesses to close) and the services we offer often require that we adjust them to keep them competitive for you.

For these reasons, we do not force or require our customers to commit to long term contracts with us. Or short ones for that matter.

All of our services are considered month-to-month. The only thing we ask is that you give us notice, in writing (an email is fine), at least 30 days in advance of your wish to change or cancel your service(s) with us.

This said, if we're recommending a service to you, take an SEO campaign for example, then we're going to tell you that you need expect to commit at least 3-6 months to give something like that time to work. This is just an expectation though, not a contractual agreement. We want your expectations of our services to be ambitious, but they also need to be realistic so we'll be sure to make you aware of these things.

If you have questions about our terms and conditions (you know, the boring stuff that our lawyers make us use), then you can always find and reference those here >> Terms and Conditions