How Do I Cancel My Website with imFORZA?

All website cancellations are required, in writing (e.g. email), with at least 30 days notice. Learn more about cancelling your website with imFORZA here.

Although we always hate to see a customer leave, we understand that certain circumstances do arise that require customers to do so.

If such a situation occurs for you, then we ask that you please follow these steps to properly cancel your website and account with us.

Website Cancellation Steps

  1. Send an email to with your request to cancel your website. Please include when you need your account closed (i.e. Immediately or at the end of the month)
  2. One of our team members will follow up via email and/or phone to collect some info from you and to explain the process to make sure you understand everything involved in a website cancellation
  3. If your account is in good standing, then we will package up all of your website files and email them to you in a .zip folder with an expiration of 7 days on it. It will be your responsibility to download and upload these files with another host if you're planning on moving your imFORZA website
  4. By the close of the month, we will completely remove your website from our servers at which time it will no longer be accessible for viewing / referencing
  5. Should you ever need to reactivate your website with us there will be a $300 reactivation fee as the process to put your site back online takes approximately 3 hours of work. All of the items we requested at the time of your website's original launch will be requested and required again (Domain Registrar login, Google Account login, etc).

Some Things to Be Aware of When Cancelling Your Website

It's extremely important to understand the possible ramifications of cancelling or moving your website. If you're closing your business, then the following doesn't really apply to you, but if you're cancelling your website with us because you (1) are having someone else rebuild it or (2) are temporarily taking it offline for some reason, then you need to be aware of the following...

If your website has been online with us for at least 1 year, then it has most likely accumulated some history and value with the search engines. In other words, it has been crawled, indexed and may even possibly be ranking for certain terms (especially if you've done marketing with us). In these cases, if your new website provider doesn't properly migrate your site or if you keep your site offline for an extended period of time (usually anything more than a week), then you're putting your site at risk at losing this valuable age (time online) and SEO value (indexation and organic placement).

It's always important to consider these things before cancelling or moving your website.

If you're considering cancelling your website with us or if you've already committed to move your site to someone else, but are unsure of what's being done to prevent losing any of your time and investment put into the site up to this point, then please don't hesitate to call (310.499.2900) or email ( us to speak with someone from our team.