How Do I Change the Domain Name of My Website?

If you're absolutely certain and ready to change your website's domain name, not something you want to do often, then follow the steps found here.

Changing the domain name of your website is not something you want to do often, especially if your website has been online for some time and the search engines have already indexed (and ranked) your site's pages.

That said, there are situations where a domain name change is necessary. Some instances where a domain change would be warranted are...

  • Company or branding change
  • Purchase of a better domain name with more history and backlinks
  • Legal reasons (e.g. trademark infringement)

In these instances, or in ones where you just feel like it's the right / best thing to do for your business, a domain change can be done, but it must be done properly.

Domain Name Change Steps

A proper domain change involves the following steps...

  1. Purchasing / securing the new domain
  2. Updating domain registrar records
  3. Ensuring that the current domain name (and all of its variations) are properly setup and registered in Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools
  4. Updating the website's database to the new domain name
  5. Updating all site content to change any references to the new domain name
  6. Adding the necessary 301 redirect(s) to prevent 404 errors and indexing issues
  7. Completing a site URL change in Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools
  8. Creating a new property in Google Analytics
  9. Creating / updating email addresses (if desired)
  10. Updating all online and offline mentions of previous domain name

These 10 steps cannot be overlooked when changing a website's domain name or any accumulated domain history and search engine value may be lost. It is always recommended that you have a professional perform these steps for you to ensure that everything is done properly.

These steps take time, as you can probably imagine. Depending on the size and complexity of your site this work can take anywhere from a couple hours to 10 or more. For this reason it is required for us to quote and bill for this work at our hourly rate of $100/hr.

How We Help with Your Domain Name Change

If you're still interested in changing your domain name, then please complete the following steps...

  1. Send an email to 
  2. Include the login to your domain registrar where your new domain name is registered
  3. Let us know if you have any emails attached to this domain name
  4. Give us at least 2-3 business days notice to complete the work
  5. Authorize / approve the applicable charge that our support team will provide you a quote for

Once your domain name change has been completed our team will notify you and log the appropriate annotations in your Google Analytics account for future reference.

If it all possible, it's best to avoid a domain change altogether, but if it's a necessary step for your business then we're here to help.













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