How Do I Disable HSTS On My Domain Name?

Since imFORZA hosted websites are setup with HSTS through Cloudflare, the best and quickest solution is to properly setup Cloudflare on your own account. Learn more about why this is the best solution and how to handle HSTS for your domain.

What is HSTS?

HSTS is a web security technology that secures HTTPS web servers against downgrade attacks. Downgrade attacks (also known as SSL stripping attacks) are a form of man-in-the-middle attack in which an attacker redirects web browsers from a correctly configured HTTPS web server to a malicious server.

imFORZA hosted website clients are setup with HSTS to provide an extra layer of security against malicious attacks. If you've opted to move your website way from us though, then this could pose issues if your new web developer / host isn't versed in properly setting up and using HTTPS.

The Quickest Way to Resolve HSTS Issues

Disabling HSTS is possible but can take 6-12 weeks to take effect and the domain must have a valid SSL certificate in order to be removed from the HSTS Preload List.
In order to fix this issue as quickly as possible we recommend the following:
  1. Create a free Cloudflare account to manage the DNS records for your domain name
  2. Set up a Flexible SSL certificate
This process should take between 1-2 hours and once its complete the HSTS error will disappear.