How Do I Transfer Ownership of My Website to Someone Else?

If you've recently sold your business to someone and now need to transfer your imFORZA account / website / marketing services to the new owner, then you can do so by following these directions.

Whether you're retiring, changing professions, or just could not pass up a great offer to sell your business, then don't skip these important steps to properly hand the keys over to someone else.

Following the instructions below will not only help you keep up your end of the agreement, but it will also make it much easier for the new owner to hit the ground running.

If you have an active service (website, marketing, etc) with us...

If you're not planning on taking your site with you, or taking it offline entirely, and the new owner wants to take it over, then you'll need to do a few things. The same goes for customers that have marketing with us that they either need to cancel, take with them to another business or transfer to the new owner.

1) Transfer ownership of your domain name to the new owner.

GoDaddy (for example), which is one of the largest domain registrars, provides a step-by-step guide to transferring domain ownership. If your registrar is not GoDaddy, then we recommend calling your registrar to request assistance in transferring your domain to someone else.

2) Notify us that you're cancelling your account with us AND having someone else take it over.

Unless you tell us that you're selling your business, then we have no way of knowing so we will continue providing and charging for services each month as if nothing has changed. Make sure to send in an email to when you know for sure that you're ready to transfer ownership.

3) Provide us with the new owner's info.

We're happy to reach out to the new owner to ease the transition for you both. We just need you to provide us with their full name, email address and phone number. You can send this in the same email you send mentioned above in step #2.

4) Pay any outstanding balances.

We cannot release or transfer any services or accounts that are not in good standing. So, unless you have a written agreement with the new owner and they have already provided us with payment on anything outstanding, then please make sure to pay all outstanding balances on services rendered.

5) Remove your info from associated web properties.

More times than not the new owner will go through the process of updating all web assets (emails, signatures, websites, social media accounts, etc) so that they all reflect the new / updated contact info. However, don't assume this will be the case for your account. Make sure that none of your personal info remains on any of these associated properties as you don't want to be receiving someone else's notifications in the future.

6) Notify your customers.

This step is not required, but it's always a really classy move as it's the right thing to do for your customers and for the new ownership. A simple email to your customers and a phone call to some of your most loyal, important customers notifying them of the exit goes a long way. We highly recommend this step, but make sure to give the new owner some notice on this so they're aware of this communication.

And Don't Forget...

Lastly, enjoy your next step; whether that's retirement or venturing out into a completely different profession. You've earned whatever that next move is and we have a ton of respect and gratitude for you and your business with us over the months / years that we worked together.

P.S. If you need a new website and/or marketing for your new venture, then please don't forget about us as we'd love to work with you again.