Why is My Listing Missing from My IDX Broker Account?

The most common reason why you might not seeing one of your listings in your account is because your account has not updated from the MLS yet. There are other reasons though so read on to learn what those could be.

One of the most common questions we get from IDX Broker customers revolves around missing listings (specifically featured listings).

An example would be...

You recently picked up a new listing, you put it on the MLS and now you want it to show with your other Featured Properties on your website, from your IDX Broker account.

There are a few reasons why this could be happening. We're going to order these reasons from most common to least common (but still possible).

Reasons Why Your Listing is Not Showing in IDX Broker

  1. The listing was recently added to the MLS (usually within the last 24 hours) and your MLS has not synced with your IDX Broker account yet.
  2. You are co-listing the property with another agent and you are not the primary listing agent (IDX Broker does not display co-listed properties in this case as one of your featured listings)
  3. You need to clear your IDX Broker wrapper cache
  4. The status on the property has been changed from ACTIVE to PENDING or SOLD in your MLS (in this case the listing will show under your SOLD / PENDING listings, not your ACTIVE listings in IDX Broker)
  5. You recently changed brokerages or MLS boards and your IDX Broker account needs to be updated (you will need to email mlsinfo@idxbroker.com notifying them of this change)
  6. Usually tied to #5 above, your agent ID has changed or has been unchecked in your account and needs to be selected again so your IDX Broker account knows to pull your listings.

So What Can You / We Do?

In these situations where one of your featured listings is missing and you need it to be on your site, there are some things you / we can do.

  • Perform a Listing ID search (e.g. Listing ID Search Page URL:  http://search.domain.com/idx/search/listingid) with the MLS ID of the property to make sure that the listing is (1) in the MLS and (2) your MLS has recently synced / updated with your account. If that search doesn't return any results and you're certain the listing is on the MLS, then you will need to wait until this sync happens with your IDX account from the MLS
  • Add the listing as a SUPPLEMENTAL property in your IDX Broker (reserved for cases where it's urgent that your listing shows on your site ASAP and you don't have time to wait for a sync to happen). You will need to remember to remove this supplemental property though once the listing displays in your ACTIVE feed. This is your best option though for #2 above.
  • Check your IDX Broker dashboard to see when the latest MLS feed update happened (Home > Dashboard > MLS Info dashboard widget)
  • Submit a support request to us making sure to include the MLS ID of the listing (after verifying that you've gone through the steps above and are certain that your listing is (1) on the MLS, (2) you're not the secondary agent on the listing and (3) it's been more than 24 hours since the listing was added to the MLS.