What are variable fonts?

Variable fonts are the future of web type. They allow designers to create fonts that can be customized to different weights, widths, and other attributes. This makes it possible to create more visually appealing and accessible web pages.

Variable fonts are still in their early days, but most major browsers support them. If you're a designer or developer, learning about variable fonts and how to use them is worth learning.

Here are some of the benefits of using variable fonts:

  • Improved typography: Variable fonts allow designers to create more visually appealing typography by adjusting a font's weight, width, and other attributes.
  • Increased accessibility: Variable fonts can be used to create fonts that are more accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Reduced file size: Variable fonts can reduce the file size of a web page, which can improve loading times.
  • Improved performance: Variable fonts can improve the performance of a web page by reducing the number of HTTP requests that need to be made.