What Premium WordPress Plugins Does imFORZA Offer?

imFORZA hosted website clients get, as part of their managed hosting service, a suite of premium plugins totaling over $750/yr in value. Learn more about which plugins are included and what they do.

Every WordPress website that we build, launch and host for our customers comes with a core set of premium plugins that enhance the performance, security, SEO and usability of each website.

These plugins cover such things as...

  • On-Page SEO - optimization settings to help with site indexation and ranking
  • Local SEO - optimization of any offices or locations listed on your site. 
  • Video SEO - optimization of any pages containing videos. 
  • Lead Capture - form builder to create and embed custom forms on any page or post
  • Caching - advanced caching support to provide faster loading pages.
  • Security - advanced firewall features to prevent bad guys from attacking your website

...and much more!

We're constantly reviewing, updating and improving our core suite of plugins so be sure to check with our support team if you specific questions or requests regarding the plugins on your site.