Which IDX Solutions Does imFORZA Support?

imFORZA supports all IDX solutions / providers that work with WordPress; however, some are better than others. Learn which we prefer and recommend most.

As a WordPress development company, we can and do support a vast array of IDX solutions from just about every IDX provider out there.

If you're planning to have our team integrate IDX into your website being built by our team or support / optimize your IDX account on your existing website, then our only requirement (currently) is that your website is built on WordPress.

Supported IDX Providers

There are multiple IDX providers currently, with more popping up each year.

We are always proponents of doing proper research to determine which is best for your specific use case; however, we do have a few that we have found to be better than the rest.

When we say "better" we are basing this off of the following:

  • Feedback from clients that have used these IDX solutions
  • Our own experience working with and supporting these IDX solutions
  • Combination of features, MLS board support, technical support, pricing, SEO capabilities and lead generation functionality

Recommended IDX Solutions for WordPress Websites

Currently, as of July 2020, we feel confident in recommending the following IDX providers:

  1. IDX Broker
  2. iHomefinder

If you're having a hard time deciding between the two, or amongst any others you may have come across in your research, then please don't hesitate to reach out to us at sales@imforza.com and one of our IDX specialists will be happy to give you some recommendations.