Which WordPress Themes Does imFORZA Support?

For template WordPress websites, we currently build off of the Genesis framework using the suite of themes from StudioPress. For custom, bespoke WordPress websites, we currently use Bootstrap or UIKit. Learn more about these options here.

We take theme selection very seriously here at imFORZA. A poorly built theme or framework can not only affect the design and user experience of your WordPress website, but it can lead to security, performance and support issues that can become very expensive to fix or replace.

For these reasons, among others, we continue to thoroughly research and vet the best WordPress themes and frameworks before using or recommending them to our clients.

Our Premium WordPress websites (aka template websites) are built on the Genesis framework and utilize any of the beautifully crafted StudioPress themes. Customers that purchase a premium website from us can choose from any of the 30+ themes available to best represent their brand and their business.

Our Custom Bespoke WordPress websites are built from scratch using either Twitter Bootstrap or UIKit as the CSS framework. These allow us to focus on memorable, effective design details and clean code so that each site can be unique while adhering to all best practices and web standards.

Both options are built with performance, accessibility, SEO and, most importantly, user experience as priorities.

Due to our high standards for creating and supporting properly built websites, we do not support other 3rd party templates or themes (e.g. ThemeForest themes). These themes may be attractive because they're cheap (ranging from $40 - $80), but they bring with them myriad issues that lead to further, unexpected costs and time.

If you have any further questions about the themes we choose or why we don't work with themes like those from Themeforest, then we're always happy to explain further. Just let us know.